Letters of Endorsement for Mayor Elizabeth Patterson
Many people have written letters to the Editor of local papers regarding issues surrounding our upcoming election. Some of these letters are well researched, well written, and make good points. We have posted some of the informative letters here.

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Elizabeth Patterson, a mayor with courage, vision and heart
By Delaine Eastin, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Four-time elected California Assemblymember
Reposted here from the Benicia Herald
November 1, 2016

Delaine Estin supports Elizabeth Patterson for Mayor Individuals can make a difference in the world, and the smaller the group the bigger chance they have to really make a difference. Most of the people who are running for office are pretty intelligent. The fact is they are intelligent whether you agree with them or not. The question is, do they have what I consider the most important qualities. Do they have courage so that they will speak the truth to power? Will they stand up to the likes of Valero and say that we’re not just going to protect just Benicia but a whole bunch of cities right up the road?

I live in Davis, and oil trains are coming right through the middle of Davis. So I need someone who has the courage to stand up to a big and very wealthy company that’s fighting her every step of the way. Elizabeth Patterson’s not going to punt, she’s going to stand up for what’s right. So courage is what I look for.

Vision is another quality I look for, someone who’s looking down the road to see what she can do, for example, about the arts in Benicia. I care passionately about the arts and here we have someone who cares about the arts. She also cares about the environment. She is someone who helped establish a sustainability commission in the community. Some who are opposing her think sustainability is some excessive thing we are doing when it is actually bringing resources to the town and helping this wonderful city be better, stronger, cleaner and nicer. So courage and vision are really important to me.

Last, but certainly not least, I’m endorsing Elizabeth Patterson because she has heart. At the end of the day, heart is really and truly one of the things we are afraid to talk about because we think we will choke up or we will get mushy, or somehow people will think we are soft. This election is all about tomorrow. “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” is that wonderful [Fleetwood Mac] song, and the truth is I love another line about tomorrow, “Children are a living message we send to a time we will never see.” [Neil Postman]

We need people of heart who will care about children, about the message we will send to the future and who will give children the encouragement in knowing there is someone willing to stand and deliver.

I encourage your vote and support for one great lady, Elizabeth Patterson.

Delaine Eastin, Davis, former California Superintendent of Public Instruction, Four-time elected California Assemblymember